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About Our Training

PHILOSOPHY: To help athletes of every ability achieve their goals and reach improved levels of success in their sport.

"Prepare the child for the path, not the path for the child"

Today's athlete needs to exhibit explosive SPEED, AGILITY and QUICKNESS all while maintaining BALANCE and CONTROL.

Conditioning for Athletic Competition, Inc. provides sport specific performance training based on age, gender and abilities.

This type of training not only has been proven to enhance the practical field ability of athletes but also reduces the risk of injury.

  • SPEED, AGILITY and QUICKNESS (SAQ) training increases the ability to exert maximal force during high speed movements.
  • the acquisition of greater BALANCE and REACTION TIME will allow the athlete to maintain proper body positioning during skill execution and react more proficiently to any change in the playing environment.
  • to increase effectiveness, STRENGTH training is added to produce POWER

Maximize your athletic performance while decreasing your potential for injury by getting started today.